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Beth Din of America

Beth Din of America

Our Services

As a rabbinic court, the Beth Din of America is qualified to address Jewish communal and personal needs in the following areas:

Adjudication of Financial Disputes

  • Commercial (e.g., partnership, corporate, contract or employment disputes)

  • Communal (e.g, congregational issues, rabbinic contracts)

  • Familial (e.g., family business, inheritance or child support disputes)

Administration of Jewish Divorces

  • Issuing a Get (writ of divorce) in accordance with Jewish law

  • Adjudicating financial disputes related to divorce proceedings

  • Adjudicating other end-of-marriage determinations (e.g., child custody)

Personal Status

  • Issuing certification of personal religious status recognized by rabbinic courts in Israel and worldwide

  • Issuing certification of marital status recognized by rabbinic courts in Israel and worldwide

What You Can Expect
from the Beth Din of America

Competence, fairness & integrity

The Beth Din's judicial process is conducted with competence, fairness and integrity. The Beth Din maintains an impartial and confidential relationship with each of its clients in conformity with its detailed Rules & Procedures.

Leading Rabbis

The Beth Din's erudite rabbinic judges are capable of addressing halakhic issues in areas of financial and family law through the prism of contemporary commercial practice and secular law, thereby giving recognition to the practices of our community.

Expert Judges

Whenever appropriate, the Beth Din includes lay professionals and experts on its panel of judges. They bring experience and knowledge of law, modem business practices, psychology, etc. to the resolution table.

Rulings That Are Binding

Because the Beth Din conducts its cases in a manner consistent with the requirements of secular arbitration law, its rulings are legally binding and enforceable in the secular court system.


Beth Din personnel, well aware of the personal angst that emerges from conflict, treat all parties to disputes with respect and sensitivity. They are available to answer your questions about the process of adjudication and to carefully guide you through the practical steps leading to your case's conclusion.

Prompt Service

A competent administrative staff, flexible hours, and resident judges and divorce administrators make it possible to attend to your matters efficiently and timely.

A Proactive Stance

The Beth Din's proactive participation often facilitates the resolution of difficult cases, such as get proceedings that involve recalcitrant spouses.

Lower Costs

The costs of the Beth Din process, both financial and emotional, are considerably lower than those incurred through litigation in secular courts.

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