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Supplementary Materials


The Talmud in Anti-Semitic Polemics (PDF format) and press release
by Anti-Defamation League
Dangerous Halakhah
by Haim Cohen for Free Judaism
The Kol Nidre
A Traditional Prayer and Ceremony in Judaism
The 613 Commandments
Enumeration from Maimonides in his Mishneh Torah
What is the Oral Torah?
by Aish HaTorah
The Jews Are Called "Man"
A rabbinical treatise comparing Jews and Gentiles by Rabbi David Bar-Chayim
Sephir Yezirah
Traditional Judaic Scripture
Ascribed to Simeon b. Yohai
The Lurianic Kabbalah
by Dr. Sanford Drob
Practical Kabbalah, "A Veritable Storehouse for Magicians …"
Extracts from Professor E.M. Butler's book, Ritual Magic
"Foreword," to The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith
by Rabbi Dr. Louis Finkelstein
The History of the Talmud (1903)
by Rabbi Michael L. Rodkinson
The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today: Table of Exhibits
collected by Elizabeth Dilling
The Jewish Encyclopedia: Gentile
by Executive Committee of the Editorial Board, Emil G. Hirsch, and Judah David Eisenstein
History of Legislation Honoring Rabbi Schneerson in the US Congress
collected by Linda Abrams
The Gilgamesh Flood
Sumerian Legend
The Code of Hammurabi
Babylonian Artifact translated by L. W. King
In His Own Image
by Carol A. Valentine (based partly on the work of others)
The Tradition of the Amalek
by Jewish Tribal Review
The 45 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Jews
by William Dudley Pelley
Was Jesus a Jew?
by Carol A. Valentine
The Jefferson Bible
by Thomas Jefferson edited by Eyler Robert Coates, Sr.


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Title: Supplementary Materials
Version: July 30, 2003
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